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Healthy sleep for your healthy life.

Becoming a healthy sleeper is like becoming physically fit. With physical fitness it's exercise, nutrition, reducing stress, and recovery. With sleep, it's retraining your brain and body systems.  We will  train you how to take control. Our methods are  based on research in psychology and neurology. 

Rest Assured Healthy Life

Are you suffering from insomnia?

Some signs of insomnia are: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty returning to sleep after waking in the night, worries about getting enough sleep, and regular use of alcohol, sleeping pills and other drugs. Chronic insomnia develops when a brief period of disturbed sleep becomes an ongoing problem. Living with sleep deprivation feels overwhelming for most people, and can negatively impact your life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention link chronic insomnia with numerous health and safety risks.

What is good sleep?

In a good night's sleep we progress through a five-stage sleep cycle several times. The first two stages are lighter sleep. We drift off and begin to rest, yet our brains and body systems remain nearly as active as in waking states. Stages three and four are known as deep sleep and are mostly directed at restoring the health of the body. These stages are essential for feeling healthy and rested. Stage five, or Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, restores and updates brain function. A normal sleep cycle is about 90 minutes long, and healthy sleepers complete four to six cycles per night. When we progress through four or more cycles without much disruption, we wake refreshed and restored.

Live better when you sleep better.

Stable, healthy sleep is achieved by retraining your brain and your habits. We get your body's natural sleep systems to work properly. That restful sleep you are seeking will be achieved AND you will enjoy the benefits that good sleep provides.


Online Courses - the convenient
way to improve your sleep.

Several methods for improving the elements of good sleep come from research in areas of psychology and medicine. These methods work best as a training program, like with a personal trainer or coach. Your trainer in this program is a psychologist with nearly two decades of experience in these methods. We use the online course model to keep this training affordable and convenient.

Our Rest Assured Sleep Seminar is due to launch in the spring of 2018!

Dr. Rainwater - your coach for better sleep

Dr. James Rainwater is a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado. He is active in developing clinical treatments that emphasize individual strengths and personal improvement. Dr. Rainwater holds a BA from the University of Colorado in Environmental Science and Psychology, a MA in Counseling Psychology from Vermont State College, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Union Institute and University. Dr. Rainwater has practiced in residential facilities and private practice since 1999.

Dr. Rainwater is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the American Psychoanalytic Association, and the American Psychological Association.

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