Better Than a Pill

My mother has suffered from insomnia for decades. As a child, I remember seeing her study light on as I made late-night bathroom trips. She would compensate for her fatigue with voluminous amounts of coffee. The chronic sleeplessness took a toll and continues to affect her health. Out of desperation, she succumbed to sleeping pills and for years now, relies on these every single night.

Unfortunately, my mother still does not sleep well because she is not sleeping; she is sedated.

She has been conditioned into thinking that taking a pill is the solution to a problem. She, along with the general public, is inundated with this message. Allergy pills, energy pills, pain pills, acid reducers, sleep aids, etc. Society is trained to believe that relief can be found in a small tablet and then we can move on with our lives. But, these do not solve our problems; they merely mask them.


Fortunately, we are living in an age where we are now empowering ourselves when it comes to health. This is evidenced most significantly by what we now eat. Is our food organic? Gluten-free? Free-range? Dairy-free? Preservative-free? Cruelty-free? The list goes on. Similarly, this take-charge approach to health is spreading to other aspects of our lives.  I know that I have conquered my allergies with local honey. My diabetic friend is utilizing exercise and diet monitoring to control her ailment.  My arthritic neighbor is utilizing herbal ointments. The fact is, we have come to realize that solutions do not come from pills; they come from awareness, education and habit modification.

This is true for sleep disorders as well. In this exciting time of health management, insomnia sufferers don’t have to turn to a pill that will, ultimately, not give them the relief or the health they are seeking. They, instead, can find restful sleep through a retraining of habits and mindsets. It is quite amazing what the mind and body can do.  CBT-I, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, is the manifestation of that philosophy. Retraining your mind and your behavior can set you free from the agony of insomnia. So those with sleep disorders, like my mother, can find true relief by taking charge of their health.

Normandie Rainwater