CBT-I Program

CBT-I, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, works by making incremental changes to many different aspects of our natural sleep systems. It is like going to a fitness instructor for a comprehensive program to get your body in better shape. CBT-I is designed to get your sleep on track, but without the sweat and exertion of a fitness program. CBT-I programs retrain the systems of your brain and body to fall asleep naturally and sleep through the night. Once you know how to work with your body’s sleep system, you will always know how to get a good night’s sleep.

Rest Assured Sleep Seminars are a CBT-I program that teach you to do several things differently in everyday life. When you follow our instructions, your natural body systems habituate in several ways that cause good, healthy sleep. Like a fitness program, your overall health and safety are the top priority with CBT-I. A good fitness trainer won’t have you running long distances, or lifting huge amounts of weight, in the first week. Through careful planning and action you steadily work up to this. A good CBT-I program thoroughly assesses all aspects of your sleep, sets realistic goals, and motivates you to achieve them.

Our CBT-I program uses research-based assessment, along with principles of cognitive-behavioral psychology, psychodynamic psychology, health/sports psychology, and sleep physiology, to retrain you for healthy sleep. Science has shown us that our body systems can adapt through training to be healthier and stronger. This is true for our sleep systems. Small, steady changes in our daily routines over time lead to big changes in the way we sleep.  

We help you change your body’s natural sleep system with step-by-step coaching in how to get the right amount of healthy sleep. Our program is much like a fitness training for getting in better shape. In this program you are strengthening neurological systems that affect sleep, rather than your muscles. Most people can improve their physical fitness if they follow a comprehensive training plan step-by-step. In the same way, most people can achieve healthy sleep from our CBT-I program. This is not a quick, or temporary, fix. We coach you to make steady progress with addressing the changing factors that cause insomnia.

Rest Assured Sleep Seminars are delivered through teleseminars, once a week, for 90 minutes, over the course of six weeks. Each weekly session is a conference call with Dr. James Rainwater, a licensed clinical psychologist, and other seminar participants. In each session, Dr. Rainwater will present the material for the week, discuss your progress from last week, and answer questions from participants. Materials are emailed to participants several days before the session. Time is allotted each week for question-and-answer discussion. Each session is recorded and participants receive a link to the recording by email, so they can listen again at any time. Participants may also ask questions by an online forum that is private for each seminar group.

The first step of each seminar is a thorough assessment of your insomnia. Insomnia is usually complex problem that has many contributing factors. For this reason, insomnia is best addressed by attending to your individual needs. Session One takes you step-by-step through an assessment questionnaire where we gather information about all of the aspects of your insomnia. You will then be guided through how to use a simple method for tracking your sleep,  and you will begin tracking that very night. Your answers to the assessment questions, and the information you gather from tracking your sleep, will be used to design your CBT-I program.

The remaining five sessions consist of using information you have gathered to make plans for addressing each factor that affects your sleep. As you work your way through the seminar you will understand what causes your insomnia, and how to fix each aspect. At the beginning of each session we assess your progress, and show you methods to use to keep moving forward. Ultimately you will learn how to take control of your sleep.

The main objective of our program is to train you in how to get consistent restorative sleep. Restorative sleep is just what it sounds like, it restores your mind and body. Healing, recovery, resetting, growth, consolidation of memory, detoxification, nourishing, oxygenation, electrolyte balancing, metabolization and other critical processes occur during restorative sleep.

In our weekly sessions we help you develop and use precise tools for each factor that causes trouble with your sleep. You will get familiar with how and when to use these tools, and you’ll know the results you are working toward. Here are some of the main topics we cover in the seminars:

  • Normal, healthy sleep at all stages of life
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Achieving a consistent, healthy sleep schedule
  • Reducing and eliminating sleeping pill use
  • Reducing the influence of fear, anxiety, trauma, and depression on sleep
  • Understanding and optimizing the natural sleep stages and cycles
  • Retraining brain systems to get restorative sleep
  • What to do when you can’t sleep
  • Relaxation, meditation, and physical fitness
  • Whether to seek medical treatment from a specialist
  • The influence of substance use and medications
  • Health and environmental factors that improve sleep
  • Making positive changes with sleep permanent

Our CBT-I program organizes numerous methods for changing sleep patterns, thinking, behavior, and neurological functions. While this might sound complicated, it comes down to making simple, decisive changes in day-to-day living. All you have to do follow our steps. You will complete our program with everything you need to know about how to get your sleep on track, and how to keep it that way.

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