Welcome to Your Health Seminar!


Our Philosophy

Getting healthier is largely mental. A strong mind can help you overcome all sorts of adversity, and can be the driving force behind your improvements. Making gains is usually about facing reality, developing good plans, and staying motivated. At Your Health Seminar, we use clinical psychology to show you how to get results.

The areas of health we focus on are about making physical, mental, and emotional improvements through systematic changes in activities of daily living. We help you develop natural processes for becoming better rested, emotionally stable, physically stronger, more self-aware, in less pain, and more knowledgeable about your health.  

Your Health Seminar strives to empower you to take charge of your health. Our programs are designed to be informative, self-sustaining, and easy to access. We help you to rely on your own efforts to make changes, solve problems, and find ways to meet your goals. Rather than treating symptoms of disorders, we focus on improving your health on many fronts. These systemic improvements optimize growth and healing. Instead of giving you a pill to relieve symptoms, we show you how to improve your body systems and your routines. Treating symptoms may not resolve root causes. Instead we help you build support systems that remedy causal factors. This approach is known to resolve insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders, and issues with substance use and dependency.

Staying motivated can be one of the greatest barriers to making progress with your health. We address this with principles and practices that focus on breaking through resistance to change.

We believe in long-term solutions that last, rather than temporary quick-fixes. We know what really works is making steady, incremental changes over time. We help you commit, and make the changes you want.

We give you access to expert information and tools, and encourage you to take charge of your health. Our decades of experience in treating these issues gives you an approach that actually works.

Our Services

Your Health Seminar provides programs in a teleseminar format. You participate in a group conference call, usually 90 minutes, once weekly, for six weeks, where you listen to and discuss a section of the seminar.

Each 90-minute session is a unit of the seminar, where new information and tools are presented and discussed within the group. Your identity is kept private and anonymous, and you may ask questions in the group discussion if you want to. To participate you need a telephone and email access. You receive seminar materials by email several days before each session, and a link to the session recording afterwards. You also have access to a private online forum dedicated to answering questions and providing support for your seminar group.

Your Health Seminar is now offering teleseminars for resolving insomnia without medications or devices. This seminar trains you in CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) and additional health psychology strategies. This is a comprehensive program for how to get consistent, restful sleep with methods that have been proven effective by research. CBT-I teaches you now to fall asleep naturally, and sleep through the night without medications.

Your Health Seminars are conducted by Dr. James Rainwater. He is a licensed psychologist with expertise in treating insomnia, anxiety, mood and personality disorders, substance abuse, ADHD, PTSD, and relationship issues. Dr. Rainwater’s 20 years of clinical practice have taught him the most efficient and effective ways to address these issues.